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JCM Advisors Group


One of the first questions clients ask is how we are going to work with them on the engagement, and the answer is it depends on the engagement. There is never a one size fits all model, and we can’t remember a project that has ever been identical to another. What we can do is give you some examples of how we have engaged. Once we have spoken to you we can then lay out the working partnership in detail.

There is one bit of the process which is common to all engagements. Our first (and sometimes second and third) meeting is on a completely complimentary no commitment basis. This is our opportunity to get to know you and your company and the challenges you are facing.

We can often give some initial advice in these meetings and will often not progress the conversation until we believe that you are ready. We want to set up every engagement to succeed and sometimes that means that our clients need to do some groundwork first.

After the initial meeting(s) we will then lay out an engagement plan that could include, but be limited to any of the following:

  • One on one mentoring of key personnel
  • Weekly or monthly face to face meetings
  • A member(s) of our team “onsite” for specific time period
  • Daily conference calls
  • Written progress reports
  • Engagement with key external stakeholders such as shareholders or investors

We will agree the communication and interaction points that are most appropriate to the challenge and least disruptive to your “Business As Usual”.